IDEAL PUBLIC SHIKSHAN, is truly a wonderful learning community. Our dedicated teachers and staff work closely with our students in bringing quality education to every student. Our students consistently show improvement in all areas of academics while becoming involved in a variety of extra curricular activities. Our students are involved in excellent arts programs as well as after school sports. SCI recognizes an egalitarian system of education, which can lead to creation of an equitable society that can become a paradise of enlightened minds. The co-educational system guarantees mutual respect and it does away with extremes of chauvinism and feminism that have crippled the human thought since the ages. SCI proves to be an ideal centre of academic excellence with a special stress on creating set of thinking citizens of the future. We offer something different vide our large curriculum transaction aided by the co-curricular activities at the school and outdoor adventurous activities that is complete and satisfying for the parents and children. We are proud of our commitment to student achievement and look forward to future success.

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